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RWE Design in the Age of Data

Navigate. Evidence.

Are you ready to perform Real World Evidence Design in the Age of Data?

Navidence helps our clients Navigate. Evidence.

We support Real World Evidence Teams via our services and technology platform (RWE SherpaTM) to perform RWE Design  in the Age of Data.

Our Mission

Navidence was founded in 2022 with the realisation that RWE Researchers are living in The Age of Data, but lack effective technology to navigate and adapt to this new reality.

Our mission is to help RWE Researchers optimize RWE Design and RWD Assessment through the use of technology.

We enable RWE researchers to navigate towards and match the right data sources to the underlying research need, and unlock the power of health data for patients and the wider healthcare community.

Computable Operational Definitions (CODef).

The key to unlocking RWE Design in the Age of Data.



The Problem.

The increase in quantity of RWD use cases and complexity of the RWD landscape can be challenging for RWE Research teams to navigate.

In particular, challenges arise in defining both what Fit-for-Purpose means during RWE Design, and identifying the best RWD solutions that are match for that purpose.

RWE Researchers currently overcome these challenges using analogue methodologies which are highly manual and resource inefficient. 

Not only is there a need for help to navigate this landscape, there is the challenge of ensuring the RWD sources are qualified in a consistent, unbiased, and standards-based way, specific to the RWE study’s underlying purpose.

RWE Researchers do not currently have effective technologies available to help them harness the Power of Computable Operational Definitions (CODef) for RWE Design and RWD Assessment.


The Solution.

Navidence enables RWE organisations to efficiently adapt to the ever-increasing ecosystem of RWD sources by providing a transformative RWE Design platform to create and manage a library of Computable Operational Definitions (CODefs) tailored to your research needs. 

Our intuitive RWE SherpaTM platform takes the guesswork out of defining your RWE study’s data needs, navigating and qualifying RWD sources & solutions and matching them directly to RWE study requirements and stakeholder expectations.

RWE SherpaTM supports RWE Researchers to establish the strategy for use of those RWD sources & solutions to meet the study’s needs.

RWE SherpaTM solves for the existing time and cost inefficiencies impacting RWE Researchers performing RWE Design in the Age of Health Data.

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Hear from our CEO on the vision for Navidence.


Meet The Navidence Team


Aaron Kamauu. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • 15+ years leading RWD/RWE studies and strategies across most use cases.
  • Co-host RWD & RWE Club.
  • Former Head Healthcare Data Strategy, Roche/Genentech.
  • Founder & CEO, Anolinx.
  • VP Real-World Data Services, Parexel.

Matt Veatch.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • 25+ years in contract research services & consulting.
  • Founder & Managing Director, Revesight Consulting.
  • Board of Directors – Treasurer – DTRA.
  • Co-host RWD & RWE Club.
  • Former VP Strategic Operations, Syneos Health.
  • Former Global Head Data-Driven Research, IQVIA.

Craig Parker. 

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • 20+ years leader in medical informatics.
  • Former VP Scientific Data Technology, Parexel.
  • Former Sr Medical Informaticist, Intermountain Healthcare.
  • Former Sr Medical Informaticist, GE Healthcare.
  • MnM & CDS Co-chair & Fellow, HL7.

Andrew Ecob.

Global Head of Growth

  • 20+ years in pharmaceutical development and clinical research services.
  • Founder, AEDEA Consulting.
  • Former Head of Emerging Design Delivery, Real World Solutions, IQVIA.
  • Former VP Real World Evidence Strategy, Parexel.
  • Former Head of Business Development, Real World Evidence, inVentiv Health (Syneos)

Amanda Shields.

Head of Product

  • 10+ years leading medical writing and data science in RWD/RWE.
  • Founder & Managing Director, Quanten.
  • Former Director Real-World Data Scientist, Parexel.
  • Former Real-World Data Scientist, Anolinx
  • Former Medical Writer & Editor, UNC Chapel Hill.
  • Former Board of Directors – Omnicomm Systems.

Michael Buck

Head of Content Engineering

  • 20+ years in research and bioinformatics.
  • Former Senior Vice President Clinical Informatics at Health Catalyst
  • Former Senior Director, Biomedical Informatics at New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.